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Welcome to Webfantry.

Serving the Eastern Coast of Vancouver Island (Parksville to Duncan).

[Web Building Services for Canadian Small Businesses]

Webfantry is the division of which is completely dedicated and devoted to the success of businesses transplanting online, converting their website to an E-Store, or kickstarting the process for business owners who feel that they are stuck…

We offer 4 Web-Packs and a variety of Alternative Services.

The “Bullet” Web-Pack

(MTR, Deligate, or Naturofinder)

If you own a restaurant, have a delivery company (or are independent), or you have a health food store, then we have a bullet speed e-commerce solution locked and loaded. This package may be sensative to Vancouver Island locations only.

Standard Business

This is the classic and reliable website, no shopping cart or payments. Without having a homepage, it could be considered that you are behind the times and need to start here.

E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce rapidly changed the world in a few short years. Being able to process transactions from your own website is the true manifestation of a free and open internet.

Special Functions

When your business requires booking appointments, selling memberships, or other ways you want your customers to interact with your website. This could be your own social network, for example.

Assessment & Consultation

Domain & Hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Experience & Design

Unique Web Presence

The Webfantry Tool Kit

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