Alternate Services are included with any of our Web-Packs.

**With the exception of Domains and Hosting.**

Assessment & Consultation

Domain & Hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Experience & Design

Unique Web Presence

The Webfantry Tool Kit

Assessment & Consultation

Here is where we begin, a discusssion about how your business and the internet collide. 

Why does your business need to be online? Depending on your location, competition, niche, and scale, your business will require a unique website suited to your needs. For example, by listing your catalogue online you could create a price war with your local competitors by accident… it’s important to always be tactical and focus on your customer’s ability to open contact with you, find your location, or sign up for your services.

We offer free consultations with every project, where ongoing support is offered alongside our annual or monthly hosting packages.

Domain & Hosting

Consider a domain alike to your virtual address or location, the hosting is alike to building permissions, and zoning.

We’ve all heard the old saying “location, location, location!” and ultimately the same rings true for the Virtual webscape. Webfantry is cutting through all the jargon to tell you straight, the words of your domain are important, and they should most accurately reflect your business name and activities, as accurately as possible.

This is vitally important, and includes the domain extension (.com, .net, .org etc), where if you are a business who operates in Canada, you are wise to choose a .CA domain name. We use top of the line intelligence tools to investigate any online niche… if you need assistance, we can help you snipe the best possible domain name, and officially register it under your name (or business name) with the CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority).

Did You Know?

Our Hosting is Powered by Green Energy

All servers are located within Canada.



Domain Names = $15/ea.

Webfantry Hosting  = $10/mo.


Save with the annual bundle.

1 Domain + 1 Year Hosting = $100/yr. (Save $35)

All prices are in CAD.

Know Your 10 Best Keywords:

Search Volumes, Competition, Rank Difficulty provided for each + list of recommended domains.

Get a Custom Intel SEO Report on your business, and your niche.

$40 CAD

Contact us for more details…

Search Engine Optimization

That’s a fancy term for the relationship between your website content, and how it performs in search engine rankings.

Obviously everyone wants to rank first, and be number one, but should they? Back in the old days, people would be able to add secret text tags to web pages, causing them to rank extremelly high for unrelated searches, gaining thousands of new website visitors daily… So for example, someone could rank their website about “ostritch eggs” very high in the rankings for something far more popular, like “golf tips.” Thankfully, eras where these kinds of tactics paid off didn’t last long, thanks to the budding search engine companies (at the time).

There is one saying that has always been true, at Webfantry, we continue to stand by it: Content is King. In other words, just have authentic content, and you’ll always be working from the best possible position.

However, heading into battle without first doing preliminary research is best defined as foolish – make sure you know your top keywords, their search volumes, your competition… and it never hurts to have a few additional pointer-domains to bolster up your webfantry.


If this didn’t make sense 😉 let us know where you’re stuck – Contact Us.

Experience & Design

The navigation and overall feel of your website is best to be clean, simple, and intuitive.

Not being able to find the “Contact Page” is a classic frustration when navigating a poorly constructed website. It should be easy to find what information a business is making public (hours of operation, phone number, email address, operating address etc.) without having to waste any time. Unless a website has e-commerce or special functions, typically the visitor is looking for quick information to action on immediately (like an address or phone number).

Simple and clear designs will always out perform fancy web pages… complicated designs usually amount to more technical errors when future updates become necessary for security reasons.

Unique Web Presence

Let’s be honest here, doing business is not about sitting at your computer trying to think of a post that could go viral.

Social Media has created a lot of drain for a lot of small businesses. The simple fact is, non-local content is constantly competing with the Mum & Pop shop around the corner. How can anyone even see the Mum & Pop’s catalogue if they aren’t even online? Paying for ads can be a huge cashflow trap, where tracking short term results becomes almost impossible as your business seasons fluctuate.

Well, times are changing, strong and effective websites can now be put in the hands of average Joes. That means your not losing the arm wrestle to Facebook by default, you actually have a fighting chance! Plus, your customers can take safety in no tracking or data-mining.

YOUR unique website reflects YOUR unique business.

The Webfantry Tool Kit

This is an exciting last stage in the creative process. This is where we spill our valuable web tools, so that you can match our power on the battlefield.

Currently this is simply an “off the record” project, but we don’t mind sharing with those who are curious enough to read all the way to the bottom of our Alt. Services page 😉

Out of all our alternative services, this is certainly the most virtuous and simultaneously the most controversial. We don’t aim to rock any boats, and certainly this won’t sink anyone’s ship out there… we just want everyone to be equipped and ready for whatever is coming next, we are best to prepare!

So with that said, The Webfantry Tool Kit will be coming soon, it will be posted here, and then recommended to every Microplasm member, and also offered freely to passers by for good measure – we’re all in this together… Forward March!

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